Aircraft Management

Aircraft Ownership Made Simple

There are many advantages to owning an aircraft. It gives you control over your schedule; power to balance your business and personal commitments, privacy and comfort that is important, enhanced productivity of your leadership team, the edge to your business, freedom from airline schedules, airport congestions and airline cancellations.

Once you have made a decision to buy an aircraft, don't let the complex task of managing your aircraft operations come in the way of maximising the productivity benefits of aircraft ownership. Your organisation and your success were achieved by identifying and seizing opportunities that came your way. Thereafter, deploying the best resources, both personnel and infrastructure, to manage various aspects of your business; you outsourced services and skills that were critical but not core to your business. The same applies with managing your aircraft - You can now outsource operations, engineering and maintenance to the experts.

Deccan Charters's Aircraft Management Services will take over all the hassles and headaches that come with aircraft ownership and ensure the airworthiness of your aircraft., while you do what you do best, managing your business.


Deccan is India's leading Aviation Service provider for the last 13 years and currently manages, operates and/or maintains over 50 aircraft including 13 of its own. It is promoted and managed by some of the best professionals from the aviation and hospitality businesses from across the world. Under the Aircraft Management program, Deccan takes over the administrative, operational and maintenance related issues that come with aircraft ownership. We have highly trained and specialised members in all areas of operation, including taking care of government regulatory issues, flight planning, dispatch, maintenance, crewing and training. We promise greater efficiencies and DGCA approved safety standards as we deploy the best practices from around the world to operate, maintain and manage your aircraft.