Can Deccan help me to buy an aircraft?
Deccan will help you identify the best aircraft as per your needs would help out in negotiating pricing Certifications also provide you valuable advice on insurance & hanger age issues.

What would your services under Aircraft Management include?
Our services would cover :
  • Identifying the right type of aircraft for you
  • Negotiating the price
  • Work on all documentation and regulatory approvals
  • Owning & certification
  • Inducting the aircraft into India
  • Managing & Operating the Craft
  • Maintenance Services
  • Flight Operations

How would this work?
Deccan will have a dedicated Account manager; we would recruit train pilots & operate your aircraft on your behalf.

Quality control Assurance & safety teams are in place to maintain compliance for your safety. All certification requirements & DGCA standards will be adhered to.

We would assign a dedicated maintenance engineer who would take care of all maintenance related issues from up gradations to regular maintenance to necessary repair works as needed.

We will provide you with trip planning & flight dispatching conduct co ordinations for getting flying permits clearance at airports for landing takeoff. We can also plan your trips arrange for catering ground crew & an onboard hostess.

In case you would require we could also help offset the cost of ownership by making your aircraft available for charter through our nationwide network

Q.1   How do I book a charter with Deccan?
Ans.   A charter service can be booked though our website or by dialling our customer care associate at 1800-103-1034. Deccan can provide you charter anywhere in India on its aircraft or its network of aircraft available throughout India. You could either charter on a ad-hoc basis (each trip at a time) or contract with Deccan for a period of time (on annual/ monthly dedicated aircraft contract) or for a block of hours.

Q.2   When can I fly?
Ans.   Our helicopters can fly between sunrise and sunset. Pilatus can fly at night provided the starting point & the destination have night landing facilities.

Q.3   What are the various services Deccan Offers?
Ans.   Deccan has a array of assorted services. From corporate charters to emergency medical evacuation services; Offshore logistical solutions to geophysical and aerial mapping services; Heli tourism and heli-pilgrimage services to other special services like aerial Photo/ videography; Flower drops and flypast & Banner towing; Deccan offers customised charter solutions.

Q.4   How do the charges apply?
Ans.   Charges are generally applicable at hourly rates. Rates vary from model/ make/ type/ capacity.

Q.5   How many passengers can travel at a time?
Ans.   BELL 206 Jet Ranger can carry 3-4 passengers; BELL 206 Long Ranger can carry 4-6 passengers; BELL 407 can carry 4-6 passengers; Pilatus PC-12 can carry 9 passengers. The number of passengers that can be carried depends on the length of the flight and the elevation of the landing site assuming the average weight of the passenger to be 75 kg and the average weight of baggage per passenger to be 5 kg.

Q.6   How many days in advance do I book a charter?
Ans.   Charters can be booked at any time, but confirmation is strictly subject to the availability of the aircraft.

Q.7   How do I pay?
Ans.   The charter will be confirmed subject to 100% payment in advance either by cash or demand draft. Foreign exchange payments may be effected through wire transfer.

Q.8   What are the different payment modes?
Ans.   Payments are generally accepted via Demand Draft / Cash/ an at par cheque. We also accept credit & debit cards (all Visa, Master Card except Am Ex) and RTGS / Wire Transfers.

Q.9   What payment gateway does Deccan use? How secure is it?
Ans.   Deccan uses the HDFC Payment gateway, which is VeriSign certified. This is 3D secure (Verified by Visa/Master card secure code), that will enable acceptance of debit card issued by all banks that participates in V by V/ MCSC program. Please find the list attached of participatory Banks.
  • HDFC Bank
  • SBI
  • Axis Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Karur Vysya Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Citi
  • HSBC

Q.10   From where can I board?
Ans.   Our helicopters are based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Katra (J&K). Helicopters can land virtually anywhere provided the landing site measuring 25x25 meters is flat, level, dust free, and clear of obstructions such as power lines, poles, trees etc. Our Pilatus aircraft are based at Mumbai and Delhi and can fly to almost all airfields - even small ones.

Q.11   What is the reporting time to board the flight?
Ans.   We recommend arriving atleast 30 mins prior to planned departure.

Q.12   What refreshments does Deccan serve on board?
Ans.   We serve light refreshments like dry fruits, cookies, chocolates, candies and fruit juices on board. Other refreshments like breakfast/ lunch/ liquor can be requested for and will be charged additional.

Q.13   What are general waiting/ detention charges?
Ans.   We charge Rs. 5,000/- per hour of detention of the aircraft out of its home base. This is applicable from the fourth hour of detention. We charge Rs. 25,000/- for the overnight detention of the aircraft. Crew accommodation charges are charged separately, if not taken care by the client.

Q.14  What is the speed of an aircraft?
Ans.   An typical helicopter travels at 80 kts (145 kmph) to 120 kts (220 kmph). An typical turboprop aeroplane travels at 220 kts (400 kmph) to 300 kts (550 kmph) . An average business jet travels at 450 kts (920 kmph). This depends upon the model/make/ capacity of the aircraft.

Q.15   What is the difference between Single Engine and Twin Engine aircraft? How many pax can fly at a time?
Ans.  As the name suggests, a single engine aircraft is powered by a single engine when compared to a twin engine aircraft which is powered by two engines. However both are equal in terms of safety and versatility .

Q.16   What are watch hour extension charges?
Ans.   Watch hour extension charges are the charges charged on actuals payable to the airport authorities for flights departing/ arriving beyond the regular duty timings, which vary from airport to airport.

Q.17   Is there any weight restriction for charter flights ?
Ans.   All flights are planned assuming an average weight of the passengers as 75 Kilos. Passengers weighing above can be accommodated subject to the total weight of the passengers flying on board does not exceed the stipulated total limit. Baggage size are restricted, this (along with dimensions and weights) will have to be informed to us while stating the requirement.

Q.18   What is the baggage allowance ?
Ans.   Hand baggage Less then or equal to 5 kgs

Q.19   What can be carried in hand baggage?
Ans.  Goods other than those deemed dangerous by the aviation authorities are permitted on board

Q.20   Can I make a partial payment to book a charter?
Ans.  A partial payment is acceptable, however the full payment has to be made 48 hrs in advance. Only then the charter will be considered as confirmed.

Q.21   Are pets allowed on board?
Ans.   Yes, Properly contained/ caged pets are allowed on board. This is subject to nature of the pet and clearance from a local vet doctor.

Q.22   Can dead bodies be airlifted ? If yes what is the procedure
Ans.   Yes, properly coffinated dead bodies can be airlifted. However, we will need the death certificate, the balming certificate and the police certificate prior to the departure.

Q.23   When was Deccan formed?
Ans.   Deccan was formed in September 1997 by a team of ex-army aviation officials at Jakkur, Bangalore with One Helicopter.

Q.24   Will the aircraft wait for me? How does this work?
Ans.   The charter service is planned to suit the need and convenience of the customer. Based on desired itinerary a customised solution is offered.

Q.25   How many pilots will I have?
Ans.   A charter is planned with a standard flight-cockpit crew as permitted by DGCA. The duty time is restricted be applicable crew duty limitation regulations. Should there be any circumstances or changes in the flight schedule or routing, which exceed the maximum crew duty time, a second flight crew may be needed and will be invoiced as separate costs to be paid by the client.

Q.26   What are the things needs to be mentioned by a customer when requesting for a helicopter?
Ans.   Name, address, telephone no, purpose of travel, sectors, no.of pax, approximate weight of passengers, weight of the baggage, co-ordinates of the place (incase of helicopters).

Q.27   Can I fly to overseas countries ?
Ans.   Yes, this is subject to the model/ make/ type of the aircraft and its capability.

Emergency Services
Using aircraft in the role of air ambulance provides a quicker mode of transportation for serious medical cases where time is of the essence and accessibility by road is difficult. Our aircraft have been used for evacuation of traffic accident cases and organ retrieval. Agencies like International SOS, Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, Global Hospital, EscortsHeart Institute and Research Centre (EHIC) and Comprehensive Trauma Consortium (CTC) use our services on a regular basis.

Q.28   Do you carry medical equipment and a doctor on board?
Ans.   We do not provide medical equipment or doctors. We provide the aircraft and stretcher; the hospital needs to provide the equipment and doctor when necessary. Aircrafts used by Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIC) and Comprehensive Trauma Consortium (CTC) are fully equipped.

Q.29   What documentation do I need to produce?
Ans.   We would require a certificate from the hospital / doctor stating that the patient is fit to be airlifted.

Q.30   Within how much time can the patient be evacuated?
Ans.   It would take about 1 to 1½ hours provided payment has been received.

Q.31   How many patients can be carried at a time?
Ans.   Our Bell 206 Long Ranger, Bell 407 helicopters and Pilatus aircraft can carry 2 lying patients at a time.

Q.32   Can medical evacuation be done at night?
Ans.   Yes, our Pilatus aircraft can fly at night provided the starting point & the destination have night landing facilities. Our helicopters can only fly between sunrise and sunset.

Q.33   What happens if the patient dies on board?
Ans.   Deccan Aviation is only the transporting agency and shall not be responsible for demise of or deterioration in the condition of the patient during the flight.

Heli Tourism

Q.34   What heli-tourism destinations do you serve?
Ans.   Apart from Deccan's existing heli-tourism packages to places like Mysore, Kabini, Cauvery Fishing Camp and Hampi, clients can pick destinations of their choice, with packages that can be customized.

Special Services

Q.35   What are the other special services provided?
Ans.   We provide our services for film shoots, flower / leaflet drops, joyrides, aerial reconnaissance and aerial support for events such as marathons and automobile rallies. Our Pilatus aircraft can also carry up to 1.4 tonnes of freight, with large cargo doors that facilitate easy loading and unloading of cargo. Our helicopters are capable of carrying under-slung external loads.

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services

Q.36   What is you frequency of service to the Shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi?
Ans.   We offer regular helicopter services for pilgrims visiting the holy Shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu Kashmir.


Q.37   How do you select pilots? What are the regular audits conducted?
Ans.   Deccan recruits only very experienced and mature pilots, a majority of whom are drawn from the defence forces and have around 20 years of experience in aviation. All pilots regularly undergo flying proficiency checks. Our training captain regularly conducts internal audits to benchmark professional skills to global standards.

Q.38   What are the safety observances that are in place?
Ans.   All aircraft are maintained strictly according to manufacturer's specifications and DGCA regulations. In addition, Deccan's quality control department, which works independent of the engineering department, ensures that all maintenance activity takes place in conformity with the regulations. A representative from the DGCA also verifies all major maintenance activity. Audit by external agencies from all over the globe are also conducted on a regular basis.

Q.1   Does Deccan offer Maintenance services?
Ans.   Yes, Deccan technical service is a Strategic Business Unit of Deccan Charters which offers quality engineering and maintenance services for fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. We are also a CSF (Customer Service Facility) for Bell Helicopters.

Q.2   At which cities Deccan can carry the maintenance of an aircraft?
Ans.   Majorly based out of Jakkur (Bangalore); Deccan has the capability to maintain aircrafts at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Surat and places where our customers would want us to maintain their aircrafts.

Q.3   What are the kinds of aircraft that you maintain?
Ans.   Schweizer 330 SP, Bell 206 B & L series, Bell 407 , Bell 230, Bell 430, Bell 212 , Bell 412, Agusta 109 E, Sikorsky S 76 C++,EC 135/145, Eurocopter AS355, Avanti P 180, Pilatus PC 12/ 45 & 47 , P68C ,King Air C 90, Super King Air B 200, Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan, Cessna Citation CJ1/ CJ2, Learjet 40 XR.

Q.4   Do I have to maintain the aircraft from you completely or can I buy partial services from you?
Ans.   Both the options are available.

Q.5   Can you provide Quality Control support?
Ans.   Yes.

Q.6   What are your capabilities?
Ans.   We undertake Maintenance, Operations & Overhaul of components for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. For further details please see the engineering & CSF section of the website.

Q.7   If I enter into a maintenance contract with you, what do I get?
Ans.   You will be relieved of all your Maintenance & logistics hassles and get quality maintenance as per International Standard.

Q.8   Do you have the capability to service avionics equipment?
Ans.   We have capabilities for installation and repair of avionics equipments fitted on various types of aircraft.

Q.9   What kind of authorisation do your facilities have?
Ans.   We are a CAR 145 approved organisation by DGCA having approvals for the maintenance of various aircraft. Overhaul of Bell 206 & Bell 407 comp, Overhaul of Wheels and Brakes of ATR / Airbus, Facilities for Battery CT / Overhaul/ Maintenance, NDT. For further details refer our capabilities list.

Q.10   What kind of Standard Equipment do your facilities have?
Ans.   Hangar facilities, 3000 ft runway at Jakkur, Overhead crane, Jacks, Special tools, GSE etc required for maintenance of all kinds of aircraft.

Q.11   Can you help me inspect an aircraft that I'm planning to buy?
Ans.   Yes, we can undertake pre-buy technical audit of aircraft.

Q.12   Do you have overhaul facilities?
Ans.   Yes, we have facility at Jakkur for overhaul of Bell 206 & 407 components. We are in the process of enhancing our capabilities for Bell 212/ 412/ 230.

Q.13   What about aircraft battery servicing?
Ans.   Yes, we have DGCA approved battery shop at Jakkur for carrying out battery maintenance, capacity test and overhaul.

Q.14   Do you also service wheels & brakes?
Ans.   Yes , We have facilities the wheels & breaks of aircraft please see the engineering & CSF section of the website.